Jeffrey Epstein Details Finally Released to Public

Jeffrey Epstein Details Finally Released to Public

( – The late Jeffrey Epstein is notorious for having led a sex trafficking ring, harassing underage girls, and soliciting prostitutes. Anyone associated with the disgraced financier has also been cast into the shadows, including his partner Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew. Bill Gates and his relationship with Epstein recently has been of great interest with insiders close to the pair finally speaking out.

On Tuesday, August 3, Rolling Stone published an article detailing the connection between Bill Gates and the late pedophile financier. According to undisclosed sources, the relationship likely began through a mutual connection: neuroscientist and neurosurgeon Melanie S. Walker.

Sources told Rolling Stone that Epstein worked his way into Gates’ inner circles, posing as a billionaire who could help fund Gates’ philanthropic work. However, their relationship allegedly fell apart when it came time to sign legal fundraising papers that had many red flags.

While Gates did meet with Epstein more than previously thought, the Microsoft founder maintains his innocence and believes Epstein is a master manipulator. While that certainly is possible, many people are still questioning the story:

Hopefully, more facts surrounding this relationship will come out over the next few weeks and months. Only when Americans truly understand the depth of Epstein’s influence can they be positive that anyone who worked with him has been brought to justice.

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