Jeffrey Epstein’s Mysterious $50,000,000 Wire Transfer Uncovered

Jeffrey Epstein’s Mysterious $50,000,000 Wire Transfer Uncovered

( – Jeffery Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from an underage girl in Florida in 2008. But, he still managed to work with accomplished businessmen after the horrific guilty plea and sentence. One of them was billionaire Leon Black.

In a recent New York Times report, Black detailed that he had “misplaced comfort” in Epstein after the conviction. Yet, over the past decade, the billionaire paid Epstein over $50 million in various fees for “estate planning, tax and philanthropic advice.” No clear evidence of the services has been provided by news outlets or Black himself, although Black denies that the pedophile blackmailed him.

Black holds fast to his story that his investment firm, Apollo Global Management, never did business with Epstein, despite strong ties between the two men. He told reporters he had no knowledge of the convict’s sex trafficking, despite visits to Epstein’s now-infamous island. Instead, Black shared his own thoughts on the matter:

Only time and a thorough investigation can reveal whether Black’s substantial payments to Epstein were legitimate or otherwise. While America waits for answers, it’s likely that organizations associated with Black, like New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Apollo, may see a slowdown in funds and support.

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