Jen Psaki Falsely Claims Trump Wanted People to Inject Chemicals Into Their Bodies

Jen Psaki Claims Trump Wanted People to Inject Chemicals Into Their Bodies

( – It seems that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will use just about any occasion to attack former President Donald Trump. Her latest slight at the 45th president came after Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, asked her at a daily press briefing if President Joe Biden had anything to do with the “vaccine hesitancy” our nation is currently experiencing. Doocy asked in reference to Biden’s comment in September that he didn’t trust Trump, who was overseeing the early stages of the vaccine rollout.

Psaki adamantly denied any connection between the two and told the reporters that Biden does trust doctors and data scientists, even if he doesn’t trust the former president. She then went on to tell listeners that President Trump told Americans to “inject versions of poison into their veins.”

Business Insider’s politics division shared Psaki’s aggressive response:

This sassy remark was a clear skewing of Trump’s comments during an April 2020 coronavirus press briefing when he hoped doctors could figure out a way to combat coronavirus using technology we already have, such as ultraviolet light or disinfectants. This response is yet another example of Psaki using her platform to rain down insults on President Trump while avoiding a direct and difficult question.

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