Jen Psaki Finally Speaks Up About the Fake White House

Jen Psaki Finally Speaks Up About the Fake White House

( – The center of several conspiracy theories, a fake White House, may finally be explained. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discussed the fake White House, finally acknowledging its existence. Psaki even talked about the room’s purpose.

While speaking with the “Literally!” podcast host, Rob Lowe, Psaki opened up about the fake White House that had some claiming Biden was running a “Truman Show” presidency. According to the Daily Mail, the White House Press Secretary explained to Lowe that the set wasn’t exciting, noting it was just a place to hold events and was essentially an auditorium.

Psaki added that due to COVID-19, the president wasn’t doing a lot of traveling, and because fewer people are present at the set, Biden does a lot of events and meetings there. The press secretary mentioned they could put people up on screens in the area and meet with around 30 people at once.

Lowe joked that it was his fault Psaki was the press secretary and had to answer all the tough questions, namely from Peter Doocy of Fox News after she revealed it was his role in “The West Wing” that inspired her to make a return to politics.

On the matter of Psaki talking about the phony White House, if the explanation were as easy as the press secretary made it out to be, why wait until now to explain it? Why not do it when the questions first arose instead of letting the speculation swell into conspiracy theories?

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