JFK ASSASSINATION Update – Secret File Details!

Foundation Sues Biden and National Archives Over JFK Records

Foundation Sues Biden and National Archives Over JFK Records

(AmericanProsperity.com) – One of the greatest American conspiracies has eluded citizens for nearly 60 years, and some people have had enough. The federal government has allegedly concealed details about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy throughout the decades despite numerous opportunities to share more information with the masses. President George HW Bush signed Public Law 102-526 in 1992, ordering the records’ release on October 26, 2017, but both Donald Trump and Joe Biden issued delays. Finally, the Mary Ferrell Foundation filed a lawsuit on October 19, demanding the truth.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is home to over 1,500,000 pages of government records, the majority of which cover the JFK assassination. Despite numerous missing and redacted documents, existing files suggest the possibility of one of the biggest cover-ups the United States has ever seen. Records show the CIA attempted to withhold vital information surrounding the event, which has led many experts to point the finger at the tragedy being an inside job.

There was plenty of motive. Officials had expressed anger over how the president had handled the Cuban Missile Crisis, and plots to undermine JFK and assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro came to light after the assassination. Even now, the “magic bullet” theory, explaining the series of events, has its holes. Still, without the official report, all anyone can do is speculate.

The text in Public Law 102-526 states agencies should release all information about JFK’s assassination to Americans except in cases where such files would pose a danger to the US military, foreign relations, law enforcement, or the public. What could possibly pose enough of a threat after nearly 60 years that multiple authorities would feel the need to keep records sealed?

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