Joe Biden Caught Taking Cash Payments for Selling America Out

Joe Biden Caught Taking Cash Payments for Selling America Out

( – When Joe Biden was running for office, he vowed not to take donations from lobbyists. Yet, new reports show his campaign did just that. Even more, the lobbyist in question advocates for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which Biden has recently looked favorably upon.

In March 2020, Richard Burt donated $10,000 to the Left-leaning PAC Unite the Country, and he gave Joe Biden $4,000 for his reelection campaign in October 2020. Burt is a managing partner at McLarty Associates and lobbies on behalf of all five European energy companies working to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Just months after these donations, President Biden relaxed sanctions on the firm building the notorious pipeline.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called out Biden for his shady deals:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) did return the donated money after the New York Post inquired about the issue. The DNC noted that due to gray areas in the paperwork filed by Burt, he “was not flagged” when he donated. However, this poor vetting process speaks volumes about Biden’s lack of thoroughness and makes many Americans question the other decisions he has made as president.

What do you think? Does this signal the country is in stable hands?

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