Joe Biden Disaster Unfolding as Multiple Emergencies Hit Him at Once

Joe Biden Disaster Unfolding as Multiple Emergencies Hit Him at Once

( – In case the surge of illegal immigrants and unaccompanied minors flooding our borders wasn’t enough to overwhelm President Joe Biden, he has quite a bit more on his plate to deal with now. Over the past five days, a multitude of emergencies all hit the Biden-Harris administration at once, leaving them with little good news to share.

On Friday, May 7, a rough jobs report was released showing that only 266,000 jobs were created in April, way less than the expected 1 million. Additionally, the unemployment rate spiked to 6.1% despite the vast number of jobs currently available.

The same day, a hacking group shut down the Colonial Pipeline, cutting gas supply to much of the East coast. This caused prices to surge and panic buying to ensue. Across the world, Palestine’s Hamas movement and Israel began trading rockets and bombs again while protesters in New York City demonstrated outside of the Israeli consulate.

Amy Kremer, chair of Women for America First, was wondering what the president was up to during all of this:

Much of the world, including our nation, is struggling, yet Biden has chosen instead to focus on his $4-trillion infrastructure plans and how to get them through Congress. Perhaps before spending even more of American taxpayer money on pointless bills, Biden should take a look at all the damage his radical policies have already done to our nation.

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