Joe Biden Ends Trump’s Patriotic Education Order

Joe Biden Ends Trump's

( – Last September, Former President Donald Trump established the 1776 Commission in order to help Americans better understand our nation’s history and its Founding Fathers. However, on Wednesday, January 20, President Joe Biden signed an executive order disbanding the educational program and withdrawing its January report.

The 1776 Commission was Trump’s response to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which focuses on the role of slavery in our nation’s history. Many Americans were thankful for the clear-cut report on our nation’s history. Both the commission and its report gave context to our history while sharing the values our country was built on.

This executive order was just one of 17 that Biden signed on his first day in the White House:

While Biden continues to say he will fight for all Americans, he made it clear on his first day just where his allegiances lie. By erasing our nation’s history and increasing the government’s reach, Biden hopes to slowly erode away our nation’s values and history. So, it’s up to us to preserve our history over the next four years and pass it on to the next generation.

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