Joe Biden Excludes Whites From His Judicial Picks, Report Shows

Joe Biden Excludes Whites From His Judicial Picks, Report Shows

( – When nominating someone to run a court, Americans hope our president will choose candidates based on their fairness, experience, and ability to properly interpret and carry out the law. Yet, in his five months since being in office, President Joe Biden has disproportionately nominated minorities and excluded white males from his judicial picks.

On Tuesday, June 15, the White House released President Biden’s 7 latest judicial nominations, bringing his total nominations to 24 since taking office. In the statement, the president highlighted some of the nominees’ achievements, but he also went out of the way to highlight those who were minorities, including those of African American, South Asian, and Latina descent.

Some lawyers thought it interesting how the President bragged about choosing nominations partially based on diversity:

According to a report published by the American Bar Association in 2019, 85% of lawyers are white. Proportionately, Americans would imagine at least one, if not multiple, of Biden’s nominations, would be a white male. Yet, none of them are. With this, our citizens are watching President Biden fast-track minorities to the front of the line while ignoring well-qualified white men for the same job.

While Biden’s appreciation for diversity in our nation’s courts can be understood, he must not make these incredibly important decisions based on race alone.

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