Joe Biden Falsely Claims His Multi-Trillion Dollar Plan Costs “Zero Dollars”

Joe Biden Falsely Claims His Multi-Trillion Dollar Plan Costs

( – Americans love free stuff. Who doesn’t? According to the White House, that’s precisely what the price of Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending plan costs. Anyone can see that there is some disparity in his statement.

In a post on Twitter, the president reiterated what the White House stated over the weekend, claiming his agenda doesn’t cost a dime. Instead, he says the government could redistribute money they’re currently wasting on tax loopholes, breaks, and tax evasion to working-class Americans without increasing the national debt.

However, Biden’s own budget officials derailed the claim that the massive $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan will cost nothing, with warnings that the bill will increase the national deficit by $1.4 trillion over the next decade. The debt has increased by $6 trillion in the last two years alone due to the pandemic.

President Biden indicated on September 24 that he preferred to describe the price as zero. He added that the government pays for everything it spends. Biden continued his argument by calling the plan a tax cut, noting more people would be paying fewer taxes. The president admitted afterward that the only people who would experience tax cuts were working-class people.

Under Biden’s plan, businesses and people making over $400,000 per year will see massive tax increases to fund government programs such as two free years of college, childcare, elder care, and preschool care.

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