Joe Biden GETS A PASS – Replacement Cancelled?

Progressives Are Happy With Biden

Progressives Are Happy With Biden

( – President Joe Biden hasn’t given any official word as to whether he plans to run again in 2024, and he’s unlikely to announce either way until 2023. Buzz up until the midterms included speculation over other prospective candidates, but with the highly anticipated red wave emerging as little more than a ripple, progressives now appear happy to keep the incumbent as their top choice.

Expectations for the 2022 elections had many people anticipating Republicans to flip both the House and Senate. Biden’s approval rating had fallen to dismal levels, raising concerns he’d tanked the party. Yet, according to The Wall Street Journal, midterm results have generated new hope that the president still might have what it takes to win the Democratic bid. The Left retained slight control over the Senate, and the Right took the House by only a slim margin.

Biden is currently 80 years old, sparking previous discussions of searches for younger leadership. The attitude appears to have shifted for the moment, especially with former President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he would be running for the Republican ticket. Progressives seem to believe a rematch between the two contenders could again leave Biden victorious.

Does Biden have the best chance at winning the 2024 election, or are Democrats merely having a hard time coming up with someone better?

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