Joe Biden Has Meltdown Over Republicans Exposing Shady Election Dealings

Joe Biden Has Meltdown Over Republicans Exposing Shady Election Dealings

( – Since the last presidential election, Republicans have sought to secure our future elections and unmask any and all voter fraud that occurred in 2020. Not ready to back down, Democrats are pushing back, this time as President Joe Biden gave a fiery speech attacking Conservatives and former President Donald Trump for their actions after last November.

On Tuesday, July 13, President Biden was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania giving a speech on voting rights to try and raise support for the Left’s radical agenda to loosen ID laws and make mail-in voting easier. However, the president got quite heated during his speech, calling recent Republican election laws a “21st Century Jim Crow assault.”

Biden also targeted President Trump’s challenge of the election results, calling it “the Big Lie” and noting that, “no other election has ever been held under such scrutiny and such high standards.” However, the president failed to acknowledge that no other election has been held during a global pandemic with unprecedented amounts of mail-in voting.

Towards the end of his speech, President Biden tried to use guilt to push Republicans to support his election reform agenda, shared here by ABC News:

Usually, President Biden is quite subdued and struggles to string his words together. This week, it seems he was too fired up to do anything but insult half the nation and criticize their fight for free and fair elections. Thankfully, though, Republicans have been successful in passing laws protecting our democracy for months and years to come.

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