Joe Biden Implied Thomas Sowell Was Racist in Uncovered Video

Joe Biden Implied Thomas Sowell Was Racist in Uncovered Video

( – Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has a long history of making racist comments and pushing policies to match. This week, there was another instance where he didn’t disappoint.

A video resurfaced this week where the presidential-hopeful implied Thomas Sowell, a Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, could be racist for disagreeing with affirmative action. The video is from Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork’s confirmation hearings in 1987.

Sowell, a black man, testified on Judge Bork’s character:

During the questioning, Sowell held fast to his belief that any law or rule, such as affirmative action or literacy tests, needs to be applied equally to all parties. When equal application is not delivered, discrimination occurs.

Joe Biden implied Sowell’s words meant that he wanted to keep black people out of Harvard and MIT because they weren’t “qualified,” rather than Sowell’s reasoning that it would set many black people up to fail.

With any presidential candidate, it’s essential to look at their full history of voting, opinions, quotes, and other documented material. When combing through Joe Biden’s past, we see statements and decisions supporting racist ideologies and policies.

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