Joe Biden Reportedly “Erasing” Borders of Gender, Analyst Reports

Joe Biden Reportedly

( – Over the past 50 years, women have fought hard for equality in sports from grade school to the professional leagues. Yet, as the transgender movement makes its way through different aspects of American life, it’s affecting the progress that has been made. One leader in the fight for women’s sports noted that President Joe Biden’s policies on this issue are “erasing the borders of what biological sex is.”

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, women’s sports advocate, and founder of Save Women’s Sports, Beth Stelzer spoke about the issues facing biologically female athletes today. One such instance occurred when President Biden signed an executive order shortly after taking office that prevented discrimination based on gender identity, which made its way into sports.

Stelzer highlighted how female-identifying biological males have an unfair advantage over females when it comes to physical feats, no matter how long ago they transitioned. She emphasized that there are “so many [differences], they’re immutable.”

The Washington Examiner shared more about their interview with Stelzer on Twitter:

From men’s larger hearts and lungs to the female body’s ability to menstruate and birth children, there are vast differences between the two sexes, giving transgender persons an enormous advantage when they participate in women’s sports. If President Biden and the radical Left are allowed to continue their push for “gender equality,” all the work done to protect and elevate women’s sports over the past 50 years could be wiped out.

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