Joe Biden Sets 100-Year Record for Not Holding Press Conference

Biden's Broken Policies Are Literally Breaking Up Families

( – Most people are excited to make history. But, President Joe Biden should be getting a little nervous about his latest record-breaking feat, as it doesn’t actually look good. Since he took office, Biden has not had an official public speaking opportunity, causing some to dub him the “absentee president.”

Usually, presidents offer either a State of the Union address or a solo press conference within their first thirty days in office. But, Biden is the first head of our nation in 100 years to forego offering the public his thoughts in such a way. Fox News’ Joe Concha shares more about this new record and what it means could mean:

Biden has also failed to address Congress in a joint session, something he promised to do within his first month.

In order to lead a nation, citizens must know what their leader is thinking and doing. But, as Biden chooses to remain aloof and out of touch with Americans, he leaves his country in the dark. This should make every citizen even more grateful for former President Donald Trump’s agreement to always provide open and transparent communication for every American.

What do you think of Biden’s failure to communicate so far?

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