Joe Biden Takes Steps to Reverse Trump’s Legacy

Joe Biden Takes Steps to Reverse Trump's Legacy

( – Former President Donald Trump appointed and had the Senate confirm over 230 federal judges during his first term. This incredible legacy secured many conservative judges within our federal courts for years to come. But, hoping to undo this great feat, President Joe Biden is preparing to select his own judges as many announce their impending retirement.

Within hours of Biden taking the oath of office, Michigan Judge Victoria Roberts announced her retirement. The following day, US District Judge William Alsup said he would like his successor to be nominated as he heads towards retirement. At least six other judges have announced their intentions as well.

Not only does Biden have hopes to appoint numerous federal judges, he’s also eyeing how he can change the balance of the Supreme Court, the very thing Dems decried when Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett:

While it will be difficult for Biden to match Trump’s historic 230 nominations, he’ll try various methods to input the liberal agenda into our judicial system. Thankfully, President Trump fought hard for all those lifetime judicial appointments, and it will take a lot of effort to undo them.

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