Joe Biden Talks of Executive Authority in Leaked Audio

Joe Biden Talks of Executive Authority in Leaked Audio

( – Executive orders can only pertain to something that a president has been granted authority over by the Constitution. But, if signed, they do have the effect of law. In a recent leaked discussion, Joe Biden revealed his thoughts on executive orders and just what executive authority means to him.

On Tuesday, December 8, Joe Biden was in a Zoom meeting with civil rights leaders who asked him to issue a host of executive orders to boost the economy and push the progressive agenda.

But, Biden hesitated to promise anything. Instead, he instead affirmed he will not violate the Constitution. Writer Alex Thompson shares more:

Biden used banning assault weapons as an example. While he would like a ban to go into effect, an executive order is not the way to go about it and could easily be undone by his successor. However, Biden did promise to undo everything President Donald Trump did with his executive authority.

While Joe Biden says he’s committed to abiding by the Constitution and the authority given to him by it, Americans must ensure he sticks to his word if he takes office in January. It’s this incredible document that guards American’s ability to prosper, and we must protect it with all our might.

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