Joe Biden to Start Axing All US Attorneys Appointed By Trump

Joe Biden to Start Axing All US Attorneys Appointed By Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump was quick to nominate US attorneys during his first term. But, reports say that President Joe Biden is making moves to give the Department of Justice (DOJ) a makeover this week.

On Tuesday, February 9, CNN reported that the DOJ would begin asking 56 of the 84 US attorneys confirmed under Trump to resign this week.

Not everyone will be given the boot, though. Delaware US Attorney David Weiss will continue his oversight of the tax probe into Hunter Biden. Additionally, special counsel John Durham will likely resign as Connecticut’s US attorney, but, will continue the second investigation into the Russiagate probe.

As Biden prepares to give the DOJ a makeover, The Blaze recalls how the now-president reacted to a similar situation years ago:

All US presidents have the right to remove and appoint new attorneys, though they don’t have to. Biden’s latest move shows he’s consciously choosing to undo as much of Trump’s legacy as possible. Hopefully, important investigations will not be impeded by Biden’s latest purge.

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