Joe Biden’s List of Lies

Joe Biden's List of Lies

( – People sometimes tell little lies in attempts to stay out of trouble or make themselves look better, so few would be surprised to learn President Joe Biden has been dishonest once or twice. The commander in chief has lied much more than that, sadly, and about several different issues. Here are some examples of when Biden stretched the truth a bit too much.

In late October, the president visited Pennsylvania, where he spoke to a crowd of people. During his remarks, Biden asserted “we went to 54 states.” Of course, everyone knows there are only 50 states in the US, making it easy to see the statement was inaccurate.

Gas prices have been a contention point for many Americans. People were paying record-high gas prices over the summer. During a speech in New York, Biden claimed that gas prices were over $5/gallon when he entered office. On January 20, 2021, the average price of gas was, in fact, a mere $2.39/gallon.

The president lied about the current price of fuel as well, claiming it averaged $3.39/gallon when in reality it was $3.76/gallon.

President Biden has also fibbed about being at the top half of his class in law school. In reality, according to Breitbart News, he was 76th of 85. The commander in chief has even claimed twice that his son Beau Biden died in Iraq, when in fact the deceased succumbed to cancer in a Maryland Hospital.

Perhaps one of the biggest falsehoods Biden has told the American people is that inflation was temporary. Now, well over a year after he said that, inflation is still elevated and very much existent.

Why does the president continuously stretch the truth to the American people? And why do voters continue to trust him?

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