Joe Manchin Refuses To Rule Out Presidential Run Against Biden

( – During a Sunday interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin refused to rule out the chance of running for the White House next year, pointing out he will announce his final decision in December and citing inflation and the border crisis as the main reasons for considering a possible presidential run.

The Democratic Senator and CBS host Margaret Brenna were discussing different negotiations that were taking place in the House before she decided to ask him whether he would endorse President Joe Biden for reelection. Manchin responded there was “plenty of time for the elections,” adding he wanted to know who was involved. He also explained he’s currently focused on addressing the different problems that the United States is facing.

This isn’t the first time the Democratic Senator hasn’t been clear about his political ambitions for the future. Back in February, he said during an interview with Semafor he wasn’t ruling out challenging President Biden as a presidential candidate, but later rectified and said he wasn’t running for president.

Over the last few years, Manchin has been known for his moderate positions on different subjects, to the point where some Democratic Senators have publicly criticized him. Some of these were ultra-progressives Cory Booker of New Jersey and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who have expressed frustration with his positions and have even claimed he should be more supportive of President Biden’s agenda.

Manchin has also shown his willingness to work across party lines and has been considered one of the main figures in negotiations over some legislation, including voting rights and the infrastructure bill. He has gained some praise from Republican Senators, including Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah, who have celebrated his independence and his commitment to bipartisanship.

If Manchin were to enter the presidential race, the Democratic Senator would face numerous candidates from both political parties. However, many believe he could have a chance in a general election, considering his moderation and the way swing voters are always a deciding factor.

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