Joe Rogan Praises Trump Response To Ukraine

( – On the June 29 episode of his show, podcaster Joe Rogan praised  former President Donald Trump’s response to the Ukraine war. During a conversation with standup comedian and actor Duncan Trussell, the UFC commentator said that Trump was right for advocating for peace. Both of them also criticized the Democratic Party for abandoning their anti-war principles at a moment when the threat of nuclear war looms.

At one moment, Rogan told Russell that the “weirdest thing” about this situation was to see Trump was one of few US leaders that wanted to bring this armed conflict to a close. He also lamented how the pro-peace left of his youth, along with the hippie movement, has largely disappeared in the United States.

The famous podcaster pointed out that it was “disgraceful” to watch the “rah-rah aspect” of many American political leaders’ rhetoric about the invasion. However, Rogan told Russell he didn’t like to talk too much about it as he says he’s “not an expert” and he points out this war is a “very complex issue.” To these remarks, Russell responded that the Ukraine-Russia war looks like a “pep rally” for killing people.

When talking about the political parties’ attitude towards this armed conflict, Rogan said that Republicans and Democrats were both trying to prolong the war. The UFC commentator said he resents that the left suddenly stopped being anti-war and became the same type of politicians they always said they were against.

Moreover, Rogan told Russell it’s “incredible” how many Democrats are buying the anti-Putin narrative, pointing out they used to have “syringes” in their Twitter bios and now have “a Ukraine flag.”

Finally, Rogan said that Trump’s rhetoric in the controversial CNN Town Hall in May was “perfect.” Russell responded that, while he’s not a Trump supporter, he was shocked that his statement in looking for a peaceful solution was seen as scandalous.

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