John Durham Probing Computer Contractors In Pentagon

John Durham Probing Computer Contractors In Pentagon

( – During his campaign, Donald Trump fell under investigation for colluding with Russia. Even after the American people duly elected him, the Federal Bureau of Investigation went on a wild goose chase to connect Trump with Russia. Now, people involved in the fabricated story and files are facing potential legal trouble.

Special Counsel of the US Justice Department, John Durham, is investigating individuals who had high-level security clearance and positions within the Pentagon involved in homeland security. The cybersecurity experts are now under investigation for potentially misusing information only they had access to.

The far left may have spun the information, which was nonpublic and likely sensitive, against Trump and his people on behalf of the Clinton campaign in 2016. Durham has issued subpoenas to the contractors to provide documentation and potentially testify in the presence of a federal grand jury.

Durham’s 27-page indictment outlines the Clinton campaign scheme and charges Michael Sussman, Clinton’s campaign lawyer, with giving a false statement to federal authorities. Sources familiar with Durham’s work, speaking under anonymity due to the nature of the investigation, noted that the contractors might face criminal charges, including defrauding the government and providing federal agents with false information.

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