John Durham’s Investigation Reveals a Broken DOJ

John Durham's Investigation Reveals a Broken DOJ

( – Over the past several years, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has severely diminished its credibility with the American people. It repeatedly violates deep-rooted norms, abandons principles and priorities, and becomes involved in matters that make Americans question their true motives.

The 2016 presidential election is an example of “questionable motives.” The Obama administration used a heavily refuted document (the Steele Dossier) to spy on former President Trump during his campaign, which continued past his election.

It’s since been revealed the dossier wasn’t accurate, but the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) used it anyway in an attempt to spy on Trump and have him removed from the White House. After removing the former U.S. Attorney General, the administration appointed Bill Barr to lead the DOJ. Barr wasted no time investigating the origins of the fake dossier and the fake Russian Collusion case.

In May 2019, AG Barr appointed Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney John Durham to head up the Trump-Russia investigation. His exemplary reputation as a federal prosecutor followed him throughout his career, prosecuting cases like the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) involvement in destroying interrogation footage, investigations into CIA torture allegations, and charging cases involving organized crime and political corruption.

The Current State Of The Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation

It’s been over four years since the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation started. As a result, many people wonder what, if anything, it led to or if it was even still under investigation. However, the situation changed somewhat on January 25; Durham provided a “discovery update” in court regarding charges filed against Michael Sussmann concerning false statements he made to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker.

Durham says he possesses a relatively large amount of information from various sources, such as the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Perkins Coie, and former Clinton and Democratic National Committee lawyer Mark Elias.

In addition, Durham reportedly learned this month that the OIG had two phones for FBI General Counsel James Baker, a central figure in the Sussman investigation.

If the Office of Inspector General (OIG) knew about Durham’s investigation into Michael Sussmann and had information concerning a major witness, why didn’t they share it with Durham before now? They knew Baker and Sussmann spoke, and Baker had both information and a phone that stood to aid Durham in his investigation.

Based on this update, it seems unlikely anything will come out of this current Justice Department. Instead, it looks like Durham is on his own.

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