John McAfee’s Widow Says He Was Murdered

John McAfee's Widow Says He Was Murdered

( – Whenever a noteworthy person dies in prison, the events leading up to the passing as well as the actual death are investigated and picked apart by people from all sides. The wife of the late antivirus mogul John McAfee has been one of those people questioning the current story surrounding his June 23 death. Now, she says she does not believe her husband committed suicide.

On Tuesday, July 6, Janice McAfee, John McAfee’s widow, shared a statement on Twitter with her current thoughts on McAfee’s death in his Spanish jail cell. She highlighted how she learned of his death through a direct message on Twitter and was never told by authorities about the alleged suicide note that was later reported on by the press.

Janice also detailed her phone call with McAfee hours before he was found dead, emphasizing how he assured her he would continue fighting the charges brought against him and would call her again that evening — a call that never came.

Janice McAfee’s full statement can be seen here:

McAfee finished her moving note highlighting that she does “not accept the ‘suicide’ story that has been spread by the malignant cancer that is the MSM.” When this sentiment is paired with McAfee’s previous public statement that he would never commit suicide, it raises many questions of just what happened in the mystery surrounding his death.

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