Joy Reid’s HURRICANE Comparison Is Too Evil For Words

Joy Reid Makes a Disgusting Comparison During a Crisis

Joy Reid Makes a Disgusting Comparison During a Crisis

( – Hurricane Ian hit the Florida coast on September 28, causing storm surges up to 18 feet tall along the beach. Heavy rains, flash flooding, and power outages had residents fleeing for safer areas. Amid the destruction and chaos, MSNBC host Joy Reid felt the need to take a jab at the state’s governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, by comparing his constituents to South American migrants.

According to the New York Post, Reid made the bold statement on September 27 during a segment of her namesake show, “The ReidOut.” She blasted DeSantis’ priorities, insinuating that the Florida leader would need to back off attacking Democrats long enough to deal with the natural disaster.

Reid noted the irony in watching his residents “pour over the borders” to escape the devastation. In her heartless comparison, the MSNBC anchor implied that DeSantis only cared about human welfare when it applied to Florida residents.

The situation, where roughly 2.5 million residents received evacuation orders to avoid the worst of the storm, proved a poor choice for a teaching moment. It also led to significant backlash online.

A number of Twitter users took the opportunity to let Reid know exactly what they thought of her declaration. One person said her words were “shameful,” while another called the host “a hack.” What do you think about the comparison?

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