Judge Dismisses $10B Native American Challenge to Energy Project

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A United States judge has decided to dismiss a challenge from Native American Tribes on a new energy construction plan. The plan is worth ten billion dollars and it consists of an energy transmission line that would carry wind energy from New Mexico all the way to California.

Jennifer Zipps, the judge, dismissed the challenge by stating that the plaintiffs were years too late in challenging this project. Previously, she dismissed their desire for a preliminary junction by saying that the Bureau of Land Management had done their part.

They are challenging the part of the SunZia transmission line, which is near Arizona’s San Pedro Valley and is a historic, culturally important area that also has religious significance for the tribes there. The tribes that were challenging the project were the San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Tohono O’odham Nation, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Archeology Southwest.

After the ruling, California developer Pattern Energy said that the ruling was a win and that it would open up many jobs and bring in lots of money for economic development in the area.

“This decision provides assurance moving forward that projects that follow permitting processes and obtain proper approvals will not be threatened years later by baseless legal claims,” said Cary Kottler, Pattern Energy’s Chief Development Officer.

She continued, “We remain committed to carrying out our work with the same integrity and dedication that has always defined us, including in a manner that is respectful of tribal sovereignty and cultural resources protection.”

SunZia is one of the projects that’s expected to be a part of Joe Biden’s agenda for cutting emissions and moving to a more sustainable future.

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