Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Seth Rich’s Laptop

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A federal judge ordered the FBI on November 28 to hand over the work and personal laptops of the murdered staffer of the Democratic National Committee Seth Rich. In its ruling, Eastern District of Texas’ US District Judge Amos Mazzant directed the bureau to give a “timeline” for the release of information on Rich’s laptops, including their tape drives and a DVD. Mazzant said that the agency had until December 12 to disclose the information.

The judge’s ruling was made as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) battle between Brien Huddleston’s Texas attorney Ty Clevenger and the FBI. It comes after a September 2022 order by Mazzant directing the bureau and the US Justice Department to provide every single piece of information they have about Rich’s murder.

In the ruling, Mazzant said that the agency improperly withheld the contents of his laptops and even rejected the FBI’s argument that the action was necessary to protect the privacy of Rich’s parents and family members. The judge also wrote that the bureau made an illegal move under FOIA, and explained that the court is fully authorized to order “its production.”

Rich was shot to death near his house in Washington, DC, in July 2016. His unsolved murder has prompted different conspiracy theories over the last few years. One of the most repeated is that the FBI was involved in his killing by providing a cover-up.

Some police reports noted that Rich was killed after an attempted robbery. However, it was eventually revealed that his cellphone, watch, credit card, and wallet were still on his dead body when his family members found him. Despite numerous FOIA requests, the bureau repeatedly refused to publish any information related to his murder.

Back in 2017, Fox News published a story that suggested Rich was killed because he was allegedly the person who sent Wikileaks evidence that the 2016 Democratic primary election was rigged. The conservative network eventually retracted and deleted the story.

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