Judge Overrules Governor Newsom’s Election Mandate

Judge Overrules Governor Newsom's Election Mandate

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Our system of checks and balances ensures no branch of government receives too much power. This goes for both our federal and state governments. In a win for this healthy separation of powers, a California judge ruled the state’s governor Gavin Newsom (D) overstepped his legal authority with an executive order this summer.

In June, Newsom ordered that every registered voter in California should receive a mail-in ballot. However, Judge Sarah Heckman just ruled that the executive order was unconstitutional, as Newsom, under the California Emergency Services Act, didn’t have the power to amend a statutory law.

Shortly after the executive order, the California Assembly passed a law stating that mail-in ballots could be legally sent to all registered voters. Because the assembly passed this law, Newsom’s lawyers argued the case was “moot.” But, in response, Judge Heckman wrote that the case was actually critical in ensuring the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

Many citizens were encouraged by this ruling:

Democratic governors have used the COVID-19 pandemic to further their own agendas across our nation. Thankfully, judges ensure they only exercise their powers as much as the Constitution allows.

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