Judge Pittman Recuses Himself from Musk Case

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The judge who was presiding over the lawsuit of Twitter owner Elon Musk against Media Matters for allegedly manipulating information on the platform, recused himself from the case on November 28. In the court document relevant to the matter, Federal District Court in Northern Texas’ Judge Mark Pittman didn’t provide a reason for his decision. Pittman was appointed by former United States President Donald Trump back in 2019.

A subsequent filing revealed that the new judge who will preside over the case will be Reed O’Conner, who was appointed by former US President George W. Bush. Different reports pointed out that Musk’s legal team felt surprised by the court clerk’s decision to reassign the case to her.

The shake-up came a week after the South African billionaire formally filed a lawsuit against Media Matters. He accused the organization of publishing an article that alleged his social media platform was placing advertisements for brands like Xfinity and Apple next to racist and pro-Nazi content.

The Twitter CEO alleged that the nonprofit engaged in “intentionally deceptive” methods to get its “desired results” in the study. Musk also alleged that Media Matters spread lies and even slandered the social media platform and himself in the article.

Right after announcing his suit against the organization, Texas’ GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton extended an arm to the South African billionaire, as he pledged to formally open an investigation into Media Matters. In a statement, Paxton said the reason behind the probe is that authorities believe that the organization engaged in “fraudulent activity.” He also said that investigators are examining the issue to ensure that Americans haven’t been “deceived” by the schemes of a “radical” organization that only wants to limit freedom.

In response, Media Matters President Angelo Carusone said in a statement that his company is innocent of Musk’s accusations and stood by its reporting. He added that the lawsuit was “frivolous” and said he was confident his company would win “in court.”

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