Juror’s Confession Puts Ghislaine Maxwell Conviction in Question

Juror's Confession Puts Ghislaine Maxwell Conviction in Question

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys are asking for a new trial after learning one of the jurors forgot to disclose he was a victim of sexual abuse during the juror selection process. Maxwell was found guilty last month of recruiting and grooming young girls to satisfy her then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein sexually.

The 60-year-old Maxwell was arrested back in July 2020 and was denied bail leaving her incarcerated before the trial. Her lawyers argued for the courts to release her on bail after filing complaints that she suffered mistreatment while in federal custody. Maxwell was the girlfriend of ex-financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly hung himself in his cell while waiting for his trial to start.

The courts only permitted jurors to speak to the media after rendering their unanimously guilty verdict. One individual said he told other jurors during deliberation that he experienced sexual abuse as a child. That information helped convince other attendees that a sexual abuse victim’s imperfect memory is not an indicator that the act didn’t happen.

Both prosecutor and defense attorneys had memory experts testify how memories relate to sexual abuse victims. During deliberations, the jury asked for those memory expert transcripts and pointed out a specific section of the defense’s memory expert, saying “memories can be corroded over time by outside influences and general decay.”

Maxwell’s defense team called for a retrial after learning the prosecutors requested Judge Alison J. Nathan to investigate remarks made by the juror. Judge Nathan asked the defense to formally submit the request for a new trial by January 19.

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