Justice Clarence Thomas Says Pot Laws May No Longer Be Needed

Justice Clarence Thomas Says Pot Laws May No Longer Be Needed

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Some products are regulated by the federal government, while others are left up to the states to write their own laws. For years, the legality of marijuana has been awkwardly strung between the two, with many states allowing the use, though it’s still banned federally. In a surprising move, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas noted that the federal pot laws may not be needed anymore.

On Monday, June 28, Thomas wrote a five-page statement after the nation’s highest court decided not to hear an appeal case involving a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado that was denied federal tax breaks. In his comments, he said the current federal laws surrounding marijuana is “half-in, half-out regime” where the use of the drug is both tolerated and forbidden.

Central Texas news station KWTX News 10 highlighted another of Thomas’ points:

Thomas noted that the current laws are both “contradictory and unstable” while straining the “basic principles of federalism” as well. While Thomas’ statements are welcomed by many pushing for reform in this arena, it’s vital to note that President Joe Biden was the only popular Democratic candidate to oppose federal legalization of the drug. His administration also fired White House staffers for their previous use of the plant.

But, perhaps this new opinion from Thomas, coupled with the softening of American attitudes towards the plant, will mean a change in the future for federal marijuana laws.

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