Justice Roberts SURPRISES Media – Huge Legal Decision!

Chief Justice Roberts Won't Release Trumps Tax Documents

Chief Justice Roberts Won’t Release Trumps Tax Documents

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former President Donald Trump has been fighting to keep his tax records out of detractors’ hands since 2015. The Ways and Means Committee recently thought it caught a break with a ruling against the former Commander-in-Chief, but Trump filed an emergency appeal through the Supreme Court on October 31 to pause the move. Chief Justice John Roberts, who covers DC’s emergency cases, approved it, temporarily putting the brakes on any further action until November 10.

Presidents have voluntarily given up their tax records for scrutiny since 1977, making Trump the first in over 40 years to refuse such transparency. The 45th president insists the practice is unconstitutional, risking his privacy. His lawyers have also questioned the motives of the inquiry, alleging officials want the information so they can release it publicly.

Among the politicians who want to see the tax records released is Representative Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), who alleges the former president retained numerous foreign business holdings, many of which might have influenced his policy decisions while he led the country. Those interests, reportedly worth over $10 billion, might reveal ties with entities in China, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and other potentially hostile nations.

The Ways and Means Committee members believe Trump’s tax records are vital to their investigation. The group has expressed confidence it will overcome this latest obstacle, with a spokesperson telling The Hill, “the law is on our side.” Yet, with a mostly conservative Supreme Court slated to rule, the outcome could easily wind up in the former president’s favor.

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