Kamala Harris Called Out For Columbus Day Comments

Kamala Harris Called Out For Columbus Day Comments

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Columbus Day, now renamed Indigenous Peoples Day by President Joe Biden, fell on October 11th this year. Vice President Kamala Harris made proclamations in honor of the event that sparked a wildfire of criticism from citizens on both sides of the aisle.

What Started the Fire?

The Vice President’s speech, as a whole, involved the usual discussion of policy and promises of improvement. Yet, some feel she directed ingratiating words toward Native Americans during her introduction.

VP Harris didn’t mince words as she implored Americans not to “shy away from [America’s] shameful past.” The Democratic leader says citizens need to take responsibility for the wave of devastation European explorers brought upon Indigenous peoples. She listed several facts about the violence and land theft allegedly committed by historical pioneers and explorers to prove her point.

While Harris clearly felt strongly about her views, not everyone agrees with her standpoint. In fact, many critics think modern people cannot be held responsible for the crimes of their forefathers — especially hundreds of years after the fact.

Turning up the Heat

Harris’ most outspoken detractors immediately blasted their opinions on Twitter after the inflammatory speech.

Center of Freedom Director for the Heritage Foundation, Nile Gardiner, accused the Vice President of lining up talking points for international opposition. He feels both Harris and the Biden administration are staunchly anti-American.

Senior Editor for Breitbart Joel Pollak questioned the current administration for constantly drawing attention to negative incidents from the past. He wants to know why they chose to govern a country they spend so much time insulting.

Lesser-known Twitter users also lined up to take shots at Harris. Many drew attention to her propensity for pandering to minority groups. Others accused her of ignoring the present to focus on the past. It devolved into a no-holds-barred roast.

Nothing but Ashes

This isn’t the first time Harris faced harsh criticism. Both her and President Joe Biden frequently take heat for their comments and decisions.

A recent Gallup poll suggests Biden lost a staggering 14 points in his approval rating after taking office. This decline places him a full six points lower than Vice President Harris, who currently sits at 49% as of September.

With America’s leaders throwing around so many strongly negative opinions, it isn’t challenging to understand the Biden administration’s declining approval ratings. In many cases, that loss of followership stems from independents, who just aren’t willing to accept any behavior for the sake of party loyalty or partisanship. If Biden and Harris cannot find a way to swing the pendulum in their direction, the pair of hot-headed American critics may face a serious challenge at the polls in 2024.

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