Kamala Harris Claims “People’s Convoy” Is Polluting DC as Protesters Arrive

Kamala Harris Claims

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Canadian “Freedom Convoy” inspired a similar movement in the United States, the “People’s Convoy,” which is protesting COVID-19 restrictions, mandates and regulations. Vice President Kamala Harris is doing what anyone attempting to discredit a protest would do, make the people behind it look like bad guys. The representative claims truckers are responsible for the nation’s pollution.

The attack from Harris came just as truckers began to circle DC on the Capital Beltway. The vice president believes heavy trucks and buses running on diesel have made the air toxic to breathe and is furthering the climate crisis.

Harris spoke near the White House when she claimed truckers were threatening the future of the planet. The vice president detailed a visit to part of California she made during her time as attorney general, again blaming buses and freight trucks for the pollution that was damaging communities.

Harris then detailed a dream she had of getting rid of diesel-powered engines, namely trucks and buses, and replacing them with electric vehicles. She painted a picture of a world where electric-powered vehicles delivered groceries to stores and transported kids to school and adults to work.

Her embarrassing statement coincidentally came at the same time truckers planned to protest the administration’s COVID-19 measures. Almost like she was trying to vilify them for standing up for their freedom. The truth is, while the trucks and other vehicles were certainly contributing to pollution, it was no more than usual. These transport vehicles are the lifeblood of the US, and without them, goods wouldn’t be as readily available. The amount of pollution they do emit is worth their standing up for the freedom of Americans everywhere.

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