Kamala Harris’ Latest Has Everyone Making Fun of Her

Kamala Harris' Latest Has Everyone Making Fun of Her

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris has to answer tough questions at times. Despite those questions being valid and often difficult, Harris seems always to know how to make situations seem so simple. Her problem, however, is the fact that she makes things too simple, which has led her to become the receiving end of jokes all across the media.

The complicated Ukraine-Russia conflict in Eastern Europe is at the center of attention worldwide, and rightfully so. The topic is a heated matter of debate and difficult for many people to talk about, which is why a radio show host asked Harris to give a simplified explanation. They likely didn’t expect her to act like the people listening were children.

Headkrack, co-host of the “Morning Hustle” radio show, asked Harris to explain the ongoing conflict and how it could impact the US in layman’s terms. The vice president decided the best way to do that would be to talk slowly and approach it like telling a child where babies come from. She explained that Russia and Ukraine are both countries in Europe and that Russia was bigger and decided to invade the much smaller Ukraine, adding that it’s bad and goes against what America stands for.

It didn’t take long for conservatives and other critics to grill the VP’s explanation, with one comparing it to the children’s show “Peppa Pig.” An executive editor at the Washington Examiner, Seth Mandel, accused Harris of not being able to talk to people like they’re adults, adding that “layman’s terms” doesn’t mean no one’s ever heard of Russia.

While not everyone knows what’s going on in Eastern Europe, that doesn’t excuse the vice president for seemingly acting like the American people have the intellectual capacity of a first-grade child.

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