Kamala Harris Now Claims It’s Impossible for People to Copy ID for Voting ID Requirements

Kamala Harris Now Claims It's Impossible for People to Copy ID for Voting ID Requirements

(AmericanProsperity.com) – It seems like every time Vice President Kamala Harris tries to push another part of the radical Progressive Democratic plan, something absurd ends up coming out of her mouth. This time, she’s claimed people in rural communities don’t have access or the ability to photocopy their ID cards to comply with voting requirements.

In an interview that aired on Friday, July 9, Harris spoke with the Black Entertainment Television host Soledad O’Brien about a myriad of topics pertaining to liberal America, including the election integrity laws Republican legislatures are passing across our nation.

Harris tried to caution against the voter ID requirements many states are enacting, saying that many Americans, especially in rural communities, don’t have a Kinkos or Office Max near them to copy their ID. She went on to declare the government shouldn’t enact a law when it is “almost impossible” for some Americans to “prove who they are.”

The Republican National Committee’s Research team shared the full clip of Harris talking about the voter ID requirements on Twitter:

Whether Harris doesn’t know about, or simply chose to ignore the thousands of libraries and local government offices with photocopiers in our nation ready to help Americans get registered to vote is something left to speculation. However, most citizens would hope our vice president understands rural Americans are fully capable of taking care of themselves and would prefer if Democrats stopped coming up with ridiculous excuses for their policies.

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