Kamala Harris’ Poll Shows She’s Underwater

Kamala Harris' Poll Shows She's Underwater

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Since Vice President Kamala Harris first took office in January, President Joe Biden tasked her with a variety of items on the Democratic agenda, from voter reform to addressing the “root cause” of the border crisis. However, six months into her time in the White House, it seems she hasn’t made progress on anything — and voters are starting to see that.

From July 16 to 18, Morning Consult worked with Politico to conduct a poll with 1,997 registered voters across the United States. The survey, which has been given a 2% margin of error, shows that only 45% of Americans have a “favorable” view of the vice president. On the other hand, 47% had an “unfavorable” view of our nation’s second in command. Just 5% had “no opinion” and 2% claimed they had “never heard of” her.

The POLITICO Playbook compared Harris’ ratings with President Joe Biden’s on Twitter:

Harris’ poor ratings likely come from her self-proclaimed “productive” trip to the border where she made no progress in addressing the immense number of illegal immigrants, including children, flooding our nation’s border. Her ridiculous statements about voters and hopeless attempts to sway Republican lawmakers to support the For the People Act likely don’t help her popularity, either.

Hopefully, the vice president takes note of the American people’s dissatisfaction with her and chooses to focus on issues that can actually make our nation a safer and more prosperous country from here on out.

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