Kamala Harris Replacement Like Playing “Musical Chairs” (REPORT)

Kamala Harris Replacement Like Playing

(AmericanProsperity.com) – If Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) enters the White House in January, she would leave a congressional seat behind in California. Many Democrats have asked California Governor Gavin Newsom to consider them for the position, but Newsom is keeping mostly quiet about who’s on his shortlist.

According to various sources, the top picks for Harris’ seat include:

  • California Secretary of State Alex Padilla
  • Representative Karen Bass
  • Representative Barbara Lee
  • San Francisco Mayor London Breed

As Harris was just the second black Senator in our nation, Newsom advisor Nathan Ballard shared that “diversity is a given” with this pick, increasing the likelihood of a black or Latino to fill the position. But, we may not know the pick for quite some time, says reporter Reid Wilson:

While Newsom will appoint someone if Harris enters the White House, that appointee will have to run for election in 2022.

The executive director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs, Raphael Sonenshein, called Newsom’s upcoming pick “a game of musical chairs like you’ve never seen before.” So, we can have confidence that whoever is chosen will be an established politician, and it’s likely the same powerful group of people will simply be shuffling their seats.

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