Kamala Harris Tells Parents to Buy Gifts for Kids Because of… Climate Change?

Kamala Harris Tells Parents to Buy Gifts for Kids Because of... Climate Change?

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris has been touring Asia for her second international trip in an attempt to build friendships with nations while also standing up to China. So far, Harris managed to avoid talking about the Afghanistan crisis. Instead, she’s found time to encourage parents to buy Christmas presents for their children now because of typhoons and rising sea levels.

On Monday, August 23, Harris spoke to business leaders in Singapore about supply chain issues, emphasizing the delay on several goods, including children’s toys, could be “many, many months.” Rather than blaming the surge of COVID-19 so many countries face as the Delta variant spreads, Harris declared that climate change is “fueling” the slowdowns as it threatens port infrastructure.

One American highlighted how Harris is avoiding the actual problems currently facing our nation in Afghanistan, including the thousands of Americans still trapped in the now Taliban-governed country:

While supply changes are experiencing slowdowns, Americans, by and large, have access to everything they need to stay warm, fed, and entertained. Rather than warning our nation and the world of potential impending toy shortages, perhaps Vice President Harris should address the other catastrophes happening around the globe as they stretch from our southern border to the Kabul airport.

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