Kamala’s Trip to Help Her Image Backfires

Kamala's Trip to Help Her Image Backfires

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating continues to hemorrhage. She recently traveled to France to try and bolster public opinion around her position. There, Harris made yet another blunder that had the exact opposite effect.

The Vice President allegedly behaved unusually while present in the region. At one point, she attempted to mimic a French accent while speaking with French scientists. It isn’t entirely clear what she was hoping to achieve.

Fox News’ Ari Fleischer called Harris’ actions nothing but embarrassing. She also suggested that it would be better for the Vice President to be “normal,” especially considering how few successes she’s had in the past.

Fleischer did wonder whether Harris was perhaps trying to appear “in touch” with the French scientists. But, she also feels the whole approach simply came across as very odd.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk survey shows Biden and Harris currently hold 38% and 28% approval ratings, respectively. Nearly 51 percent of respondents said they didn’t care for the vice president’s job; 1 in 5 felt undecided on the matter.

Regardless of her actual approval rating, it often seems Kamala is either totally missing from the news — and in some cases, the public eye — or involved in the latest gaffe. The fact that so few people support Harris or Biden right now doesn’t bode well for the pair in 2024. In a recent article, the Daily Signal attempted to sum up negative feelings about the VP by using a French insult that translates roughly to “stupid as a broomstick.”

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