Karine Jean-Pierre Lies About Biden’s Supporters

Karine Jean-Pierre Lies About Biden's Supporters

WH Press Secretary DESPERATELY Throws Cover For Biden With Total Lie

(AmericanProsperity.com) – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took over defending the Biden White House after Jen Psaki left the administration. The president’s approval numbers are abysmal and continue to drop. Many observers conjecture that Biden is losing his party’s support, but Jean-Pierre doesn’t seem to think so, leading to her misleading comment about his standing among Democrats.

A recent New York Times (NYT) and Siena College poll shows over 60% of Democratic voters want to see a candidate other than Biden run in 2024. During a recent press briefing, Kaitlin Collins of CNN asked Jean-Pierre about the president’s response to the poll.

Jean-Pierre fired back, claiming the poll also indicated 92% of Democrats still support the president. Yet, the press secretary used the number out of context. Jean-Pierre’s percentage came from a poll question asking respondents whether they would support Biden in a rematch with former President Donald Trump.

In fact, the NYT/Siena College poll may show 70% of Democrats approve of Biden’s job so far, but typically a president’s party shows much greater approval. It’s unclear whether the press secretary chose the number to deflect from the negative statistic or if she truly believes Biden has the support of nearly the entire Democratic party.

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