Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses To Comment on Durham Report

(AmericanProsperity.com) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was unwilling to answer a reporter’s questions about the report of Special Counsel John Durham on Wednesday morning. The report has been quite controversial as it revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation used “uncorroborated evidence” to conduct its probe against the Trump campaign, over allegations that it colluded with the Kremlin.

According to different media outlets, the Durham report found that the agency didn’t uphold a “fidelity to the law” in its probe on the numerous reports that suggested a Russian collusion. He also accused the Bureau of violating different surveillance laws and even stated in its report it didn’t have any “actual evidence of collusion.”

During the press conference, the White House correspondent of RealClear Politics Philip Wegmann asked Jean-Pierre whether the Biden administration had anything to say about the Durham report and the delicate details he revealed about the Bureau’s investigation. Instead of providing a clear answer, the Press Secretary said that she would leave the answer “to the Department of Justice.”

Following that response, Wegmann asked if President Joe Biden agreed with Durham that some changes need to be made to the agency. He said he made this question considering that the US commander-in-chief has repeatedly talked about the way he wants the Bureau and the Department of Justice to always be independent, and how the report reflects the opposite.

Jean-Pierre responded that this is something that she’s not going to speak about and that this is actually the field of the Department of Justice. She then said that President Biden and the White House do believe in an “independent Department of Justice.”

Following the Durham report, the Bureau said on Monday it decided to implement different reforms. However, the agency admitted this should have been made in the past to prevent the numerous “missteps” that Durham mentioned in its report.

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