Kelly vs Ramaswamy: Should Harvard Students Be Blacklisted?

( – Conservative entrepreneur and presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy clashed with journalist Megyn Kelly on October 15, because of the recent scandal at Harvard University, where some students expressed their support for Hamas. Following the attack perpetrated by this Palestinian terrorist group on Israel on October 7, a Harvard student group published a letter where they blamed the Jewish state for oppressing the people in the Gaza Strip.

After the publication of this letter, numerous hiring managers of some of the most important companies and law firms in the United States formally asked for the names of everyone who signed this letter. According to different reports, these hiring managers are creating a blacklist of students who are supporting Hamas to prevent their hiring, in case their job applications reach their offices.

About this controversy, Ramaswamy said on his Twitter account that while he fully disagrees with what these Harvard students co-signed, he believes they did this because they are just “fools.” He added that it’s not “productive for companies” to blacklist American kids for being part of any student group in the country that makes “dumb political statements” on academia, and claimed he will never support cancel culture.

Following this tweet, Kelly responded by saying that, as someone who is running for president, he should be clear that supporting terrorists who killed elders and children is unforgivable. Ramaswamy fought back and told her that he was “crystal clear” when he claimed that what these groups said was terribly wrong. He also explained he doesn’t think that “hunt down” people to blacklist them is the way to go, as he believes that “persuasion is better than force.”

After this comment, Kelly told the Republican leader there is no way of persuading a group of students who don’t know that killing innocent people and babies “is wrong.” She also claimed that Americans shouldn’t hire those who commit these atrocities and those who “applaud the killers.”

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