Kellyanne Conway Has Dinner With Andrew Cuomo

Kellyanne Conway Has Dinner With Andrew Cuomo

( – When people spend years attempting to undermine each other, the last thing anyone expects them to do is have dinner together. Yet, that’s exactly how Kellyanne Conway, former Counselor for President Trump, and the disgraced former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, recently spent an evening.

The two political opposites were spotted leaving the IL Postino, an Italian restaurant in New York City. Conway spoke with the New York Post and assured them the gathering didn’t have any romantic meaning behind it. Instead, the former Trump advisor mentioned she’d known Cuomo and his family for years.

Conway explained the two spoke about the fact they both had podcasts with Quake Media, and they had a discussion about common political stances. The former counselor noted that in order to re-engage on issues regarding veterans and other nonpartisan matters, people needed to work with others across the political divide.

One witness corroborated Conway’s claims, declaring there was clearly no romance during the dinner between the political opposites. The witness explained the two simply talked to each other and drank wine for around two hours. Cuomo’s sister asserted it was sad to see the fact that two people with political differences joining each other for dinner could cause so much commotion, adding it just shows where Americans are as a whole.

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