Kemp Bailed In 2020 Fight, Trump Now Endorses His Opponent

Kemp Bailed In 2020 Fight, Trump Now Endorses His Opponent

( – Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) refused to help overturn President Joe Biden’s election win in 2020, instantly painting a target on his own back. Former President Donald Trump expressed deep discontent over Kemp’s lack of loyalty at the time; other Republicans shared the sentiment. Now, Trump is taking action against the governor by directly backing his 2024 opponent.

A Rift in Georgia

November 8, 2024, is fast approaching, and Georgia’s gubernatorial position is currently up for reelection. For Kemp, that means struggling to find a way to move forward when his chances of winning the vote seem highly slim.

While Kemp is facing pressure from Democrats, the leader faces far more challenging difficulties than Right-leaning leaders. Trump’s ire with Kemp has never been more clear; he remains miffed about Kemp’s choice for the 2020 senate seat, which ultimately failed to succeed in the election.

When former Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson announced his retirement, it was up to Kemp to suggest a replacement. Trump was happy to recommend former GOP representative Doug Collins, but Kemp had his own ideas about who should hold the seat. He chose political newcomer Kelly Loeffler, perhaps hoping to encourage suburban women to vote for Republicans.

The Governor’s plan failed; Loeffler lost the seat to Democrat Raphael Warnock. Republicans ended up losing a total of two seats.

Infighting Begins

Trump is now retaliating by following through on his promise of supporting a candidate to run against Kemp. The former president recently tapped David Perdue to run in 2024.

Perdue announced and filed for his candidacy on Monday.

Perdue is a former Georgia senator who clearly has the experience necessary to do the job. But, Trump’s sheer level of support is likely to have a quickening effect on his chances. If the popular leader fully backs the ex-senator, Kemp will likely struggle to get a foothold long before election day.

Trump is dead-set on replacing Kemp in the 2022 election. Not only does he accuse the governor of costing Republicans senate seats, but he also holds disdain for Kemp over his refusal to fight for the sanctity of the 2020 election.

Perdue also plans to seek further financial support and funding from Trump. This money will directly aid him in the race against Kemp.

Election after the Battle

Once the Republicans duke it out and decide on a candidate for the gubernatorial race, the real election crunch begins. Whether Perdue or Kemp “wins” won’t change the fact that they’ll be forced to face off against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Abrams previously campaigned for the governorship, which she ultimately lost to Brian Kemp. But, she’s now had four years to encourage local Georgians to support both her and the greater DNC at large. The Republican candidate, whoever that may be, will face the prospect of a fight if they want to come out on top.

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