KFC Rolls Out Fake Meat Meal

KFC Rolls Out Fake Meat Meal

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Fast food has been around for decades; the convenience often outweighs the cost for many Americans. Yet, in all those years, not much has changed. Restaurants add this or that to the menu every now and then, but it’s usually similar to what they already had. The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast-food chain recently announced that its stores will be offering a meatless fried “chicken.” Now that’s intriguing.

KFC stated on January 4 that it would begin distributing Beyond Meat to its chains nationwide on January 10, but only for a limited time. The Beyond Meat “chicken” is plant-based and shaped like chicken chunks, which KFC will serve as a six-piece combo meal that includes fries and a medium drink.

Kevin Hochman, President of KFC, said it was time to release the meatless food, hoping it would attract consumers looking to cut back on their animal-based protein. KFC is making history as the first fast-food chain to offer meatless chicken on its menu. Hochman claims the plant-based “meat” tastes better than real chicken, adding customers might opt to go with the meatless alternative instead of the real deal.

The KFC President noted that younger people are looking to eat more plant-based foods, claiming it wasn’t a simple trend that will die out. Instead, Hochman believes plant-based foods will only become increasingly popular. Of course, it’s hard to say how successful KFC will be, but Burger King has a similar product known as the Impossible Whopper, which is a plant-based burger, so maybe KFC is just getting ahead of the competition.

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