Khanna Probes Chinese Donations to UPenn

Khanna Probes Chinese Donations to UPenn

( – Over the past few months, President Joe Biden’s attorneys and authorities have discovered between 25 and 30 classified documents at his home and his former office at the Penn Biden Center. Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) recently appeared on Fox News’ “America Reports,” where he discussed the topic with co-host John Roberts.

During the course of the conversation, Roberts asked Khanna whether there was a connection between the president’s work at the college and the millions of dollars in donations from China. The representative agreed that an investigation was necessary.

“We need to know what the facts are,” Khanna said on the show. “Was it coming from private individuals? Was it coming from people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party?” These questions and others, according to the representative, need answering. Khanna said it’s not just about putting the facts out there for people to hear. A “deeper investigation,” is also in order. He also made clear that he’s a proponent of bipartisanship, firmly believing both parties need to treat the presidents the same.

Khanna isn’t the only one who wants an investigation. The topic of China’s donations to the Biden Penn Center has long been one of contention. In fact, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is also probing for information about the money. Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has noted the donations tripled around the time of the think tank’s creation.

Comer sent a letter to the University of Pennsylvania President M. Elizabeth Magill requesting documents related to the donations. He wants a list of all the donors, and the amounts each of them contributed. He’s also seeking more information, such as:

  • Salary, dates of employment, and job description of employees who work at the Biden Penn Center
  • A log of visitors who met with Biden there
  • Communications and documents related to the think tank’s security
  • List of people who have keycard access to the facility

Comer has asked Magill to provide this information by February 1.

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