Kids Killing Kids: Teen Charged in Overdose Death

Kids Killing Kids: Teen Charged in Overdose Death

( – Drug abuse has become an epidemic of its own. Addiction is a problem, not just for adults but also for kids who sell and try new drugs to be “cool,” not knowing what they’re getting into. Kids are killing. What has the world come to?

Drug abuse is on the rise, likely due to the pandemic, and therefore the number of overdose deaths has significantly increased. The powerful narcotic Fentanyl accounted for over half of overdose deaths in 2020. Now one of them is a 12-year-old girl. Authorities have charged her 16-year-old dealer with murder for selling the pre-teen a deadly dose.

The young girl was with a group of friends when she contacted the dealer. The group recorded a video of the 12-year-old crushing up and snorting three-quarters of the pill, which she thought was a generic version of oxycodone called M-30. After ingesting the crushed pill, she passed out and began snoring, which according to experts, is a direct indication of a Fentanyl overdose.

Authorities discovered photos on the dealer’s phone that depicted public-service warnings concerning the deadly narcotic, saved before the pre-teen’s death. Prosecutors have indicated that they sought to charge the dealer as a juvenile, not an adult.

While it may not be the case for this dealer, many of these teenage sellers have no idea what they’re distributing. Moreover, even when they believe they’re aware of what they have, Fentanyl is often pressed to look like generic forms of several narcotics, making it nearly impossible for some adults, let alone kids, to know what the pills contain.

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 0.002 grams of Fentanyl is enough to guarantee death. The low threshold makes it even easier for kids to sell lethal doses of the drug.

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