Kids Were Sold “SUICIDE KITS” By This Company!

Lawsuit Alleges That Amazon Knowingly Sold

Lawsuit Alleges That Amazon Knowingly Sold “Suicide Kits” to Teens

( – Amazon has become a top online source for just about anything a person could want or need. Anyone who qualifies for an account, including a teen, can easily access products, even if they’re potentially harmful. According to two recent lawsuits, the Internet giant knowingly sold a deadly chemical in a way that promoted its use for suicide, and four young people died resulting from its use.

The lawsuits allege that Amazon sells so-called “suicide kits,” containing large quantities of high-purity — over 98% — sodium nitrate, a formulation with no practical commercial use that’s highly toxic to humans. A much weaker solution of the compound, at only 6% purity, is commonly used as a food preservative.

A March 2022 case report detailed a suicide attempt that occurred four days after media coverage talked about a child actor’s attempt using the same chemical. The boy had found instructions on ingesting sodium nitrate on a forum online and purchased his supply through Amazon.

According to an attorney at CA Goldberg Law, PLLC, a firm working on the case, the high-volume “bundles” and lack of visibility for the chemical’s antidote, methylene blue, increase the dangers surrounding its online sales. The lawyer contends that Amazon recommended Tagamet to discourage vomiting after ingesting the poison and a “suicide manual” alongside the chemical in its list of related products. They allege 16-year-old Kristine Jónsson, 17-year-old Ethan McCarthy, 17-year-old Tyler Muhleman, and 27-year-old Mikael Scott all died due to the combination of these factors.

In a statement, Amazon extended its “deepest condolences” to those left grieving suicides, NPR reported. The company said product safety was paramount and told the media outlet they require sellers to follow all applicable laws. Still, the online giant defended itself, stating sodium nitrate is a legal commodity, widely offered as a food preservative, and used by laboratories as a chemical reagent. The retailer contends the substance, like many others, is subject to misuse — falling outside the merchandiser’s control.

Sodium nitrate poisoning can cause headaches, pallor, racing heart, spikes in blood pressure, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, altered mental functioning, unconsciousness, and death. The effects are not quick or painless, but prompt treatment is vital to a patient’s survival.

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