Kim Kardashian Admits She Would Eat Poop if It Made Her Look Younger

Kim Kardashian Admits She Would Eat Poop if It Made Her Look Younger

Kim Kardashian Makes BOMBSHELL Confession That Leaves Everyone Horrified

( – Some people are only concerned with their appearance. In many cases people will go to extreme lengths to preserve their youth and beauty. As influential as Kim Kardashian is, it’s no surprise that she’s so concerned with looks — and would do anything to protect it, even if it meant having to eat feces. She even confirmed that.

The beauty guru admitted during an interview that she would eat poop if someone stated it would make her look younger. Not only did the influencer say she would eat it, but that it would be consumed every day if necessary.

When Kim Kardashian claims to do anything to preserve her appearance, she means it to the most absolute extent. She once had a “vampire facial,” which Cleveland Clinic explains is a procedure where a person takes blood from the arm, separates the different components, and then uses a micro-needle technique to apply the platelet-rich plasma to the patient’s face.

She also underwent extreme weight loss in order to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” dress to be able to wear it at the Met Gala in 2022. Some people may wonder why a person would go to such lengths to preserve their beauty. Well, the answer is actually simple: The celebrity’s brand does largely depend on her appearance.

With the recent launch of her new SKKN by Kim products, one has to wonder if saying she’d eat poop was just a way to get attention. What do you think, was it all just a publicity stunt to promote her new product line?

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